Perfect Parties

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Perfect Parties

Perfect Parties: Recipes, Menus, Décor, Planning by Janet Kohler
2015 | ASIN: B00T4T3Z0A | eISBN: 9781432303167 | English | 367 pages | EPUB | 21 MB

Perhaps you’ve reached that point in your life where you’d really love to entertain your friends with a little more flair and sophistication, but feel quite intimidated by the prospect. Maybe your children are asking you to arrange a really fun birthday party for them, but the very thought has you quaking. Possibly you’re getting married and would love a beautiful wedding reception but simply can’t stretch your budget to an expensive wedding planner or caterer. Janet Kohler is a perfectionist with an attention to detail that is quite breathtaking. With the assistance of stylist extraordinaire Penelope Mitchell, in Perfect Parties she presents a dazzling array of inspirational party ideas, complemented by delicious recipes. Janet will also guide you through every aspect of the party, whether it’s a birthday, engagement, picnic, baby shower, wedding or high tea, or just the family Christmas celebration. From choosing a theme; through décor and preparation countdowns; right down to the step-by-step recipes – it’s all there, lavishly illustrated with beautiful photography. Most importantly you’ll sail through the event unscathed and your guests will feel really special.
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